Eight Ways To Honor Veterans

Veterans Day is coming up, and it is when we as a country can come together and celebrate and honor our veterans, war heroes, and active-duty military members together for their service and sacrifices. If you have any family members, friends, or neighbors who serve in the Armed Forces or are retired veterans, this is the time to show them your gratitude for their service. 

There will be many events across the country on November 11th – or on the days prior and after – to commemorate these great people. Whether you are looking for a fun family event to spend the day at or a chance to support and uplift our veterans, there is something for you. Here are several ideas to consider for spending your Veterans Day and showing your support for your local community of veterans and active-duty military members.

#1 Buy from Veteran-Owned Businesses

One of the best ways to support your local veterans on Veterans Day or year-round is by shopping at veteran-owned establishments and businesses. No matter where you live, there are bound to be plenty of veteran-owned businesses in your area – be it in retail, food & beverage, clothing, and more. 

You can look through your regional directories to find these businesses, such as VeteranOwnedBusiness.com, to see which ones can benefit from your support. If you are unsure about how to spend your Veterans Day but have some shopping errands to attend to or are planning to eat out, consider supporting your local veterans with your patronage.

#2 Donate to a Worthy Nonprofit

If you are considering making a financial donation, many worthy nonprofit organizations provide assistance and aid to veterans and active-duty military members. Operation Second Chance is one such organization founded in 2014 and serves veterans by offering financial help with medical bills or transportation to a hospital when necessary. 

Another organization worthy of your consideration is Homes for our Troops, which builds houses specifically for injured veterans that are fully adapted to their needs and exceed ADA compliance standards. Many nonprofit organizations beyond these two are worth considering, so if you are looking for ways to help your local veterans, consider donating to them.

#3 Attend a Veterans Day Parade

Veterans Day parades are a staple in most cities that honor and remember the sacrifices of their local war heroes and veterans. They make up for a great chance to meet community members who have served our country and a perfect opportunity to come together as a community. If you know of a Veterans Day parade scheduled in your area, consider joining your community for the event and thanking our veterans for their service and sacrifices. 

#4 Visit a Local Memorial

Visiting a local memorial is another way to honor veterans. In many cities and towns across the United States, local memorials have been established to honor war heroes who gave their lives in service to our country as a way to remember them and show gratitude. 

You can often learn about the conflicts they were involved in and the achievements of heroes who came from the same community you now live in. If you wish to honor those who gave their lives in the course of action, consider visiting your local memorial on Veterans Day. 

#5 Give a Veterans Day Deal

If you are a business owner yourself, another way you can honor and thank your local veterans is by offering them, and perhaps also their families, special discounts and deals on Veterans Day. It is an incredible way to show your support and one that many veterans will immensely appreciate. If you are in a position to create this opportunity, it is one of the best ways to express your thanks to veterans in your community. 

#6 Plan a Fundraising Sale

There are many ways to raise money to support veterans in your community. One way to go about that is by planning and hosting a fundraising sale. Some ideas include a fitness challenge, hosting a BBQ, a bake sale, or organizing a movie night or silent auction. However you decide to do it, you can use these opportunities to raise money and donate to nonprofit organizations that assist veterans or otherwise directly invest in ways to help the veterans in your community.

#7 Volunteer at Your Local Veterans Association Hospital

One of the best ways to honor and support the local veteran community is by offering your time and energy. Veterans Association (VA) hospitals provide veterans with medical care and services to treat any injuries or post-combat rehabilitation they may need. VA Hospitals often need a helping hand, so volunteering at these facilities is a great way to become a part of this momentous initiative. 

You can volunteer to act as a van driver for outpatients who need help getting home after receiving treatment for chemotherapy, dialysis, radian therapy, and other appointments. You could also work as an office assistant to help with different medical or administrative offices in the medical center by filing, answering the phone, and greeting and directing patients. The VA hospitals welcome any volunteer assistance and will put your expertise and experience to help their patients.

#8 Free Admission to National Parks 

One of the many ways the country honors its veterans is by offering free admission to National Parks. On Select days throughout the year, including Veteran’s day, the National Park Services offers free entry to all visitors for a chance to spend time outdoors together as a family on a national holiday.  It is a great way to spend time together, enjoy the outdoors, and otherwise have a fun holiday away from home. 

There are many opportunities and events where you can share your support for our veterans. Consider joining your local parades and ceremonies, volunteering at the VA, or shopping at veteran-owned businesses this Veterans Day to give back for their service.

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