The Best Online Fitness Classes

It’s a brand new year! We know that working out might be on top of the list of things you want to kick off the year with. That’s why for our very first blog of the year, we’ve listed some awesome online fitness classes you can take! Everyone’s goal is different, that’s why we have options from quick four-minute exercises to full-blown programs. Whether you like HIIT, cardio, or dance, there’s something for you in this list. Ready to learn more about these virtual classes? Let’s get started!


Kicking off the list with the star-studded fitness app, FitOn. Take workout classes from A-list celebrities like Gabrielle Union, Julianne Hough, Jonathan Van Ness, and more! The app features a variety of programs that anyone can do at home with minimal equipment. It’s also great for beginners as it recommends classes based on users’ fitness level, demographics, fitness preference, and more.

Workout videos may be streamed from any device, so it’s perfect for anyone who’s always on the go! Users may opt for any 10-30 minute videos from FitOn’s pre-made plans or just pick and choose any workout they want from the gallery. The flexibility is awesome!

What’s more to love? FitOn is absolutely free! Go over to their website to learn more and download the app today.

E.F.F.E.C.T. Fitness

E.F.F.E.C.T. Fitness combines upbeat workouts and great music! It’s perfect for anyone looking for dynamic workouts that really make you sweat. They’re known for holding their classes at a frenetic pace making sure you’re never bored! They usually do quick-paced banded workouts, bodyweight exercises, and cinder blocks all to the beat of trap music.

Their classes are massive and have gone viral a few times. Thanks to the accessibility of their workout program, more and more people are getting enticed to join the crowd. Users don’t have to download another app because they hold free classes on Instagram.

Visit their website for more information. Details about their paid programs are also available here.

Housework by Sydney Miller

Looking for a full-body sculpting and conditioning workout set? Take classes from Housework by Sydney Miller. Their program is designed to take your flexibility, balance, and core strength to the next level.

Sydney’s classes, which are held every day, have four phases. First, a warm-up with planking and ab exercises. She then proceeds with cardio with hand weights. Third, is a workout section with sliders. Then she ends it all off with a final cardio push. Don’t have weights or sliders? Some of her students use 3-5lb. cans or bottles as weights and towels or paper plates as sliders.

Housework classes are priced at $13 per class. Visit their website to learn more.

305 Fitness

If you want yet another free online fitness class option, 305 Fitness might have some programs for you! Their team believes that self-care must be accessible to everyone regardless of financial or employment status, especially during these times!

If you’re unemployed or on the frontlines of COVID-19 response—like healthcare, environmental services, cleaning services, food distribution, mail delivery, etc.—305 Fitness classes are free of charge. Those who are employed may pay anywhere from $14.50 to $43.50 per month depending on their capabilities. More information on that here.

They offer outrageously fun programs with world-class instructors, coupled with awesome DJ mixes. Users love them because 305 Fitness workouts literally put a smile on their faces, and that’s something we could all use to get through life. Learn more about them via their website.

be.come Project

be.come Project has a very empowering tagline, it’s “Working out because we love our bodies. Not because we hate them.” They also believe that the body is the primary piece of equipment, that’s why they focus on zero-impact movements. Users can also choose when to push or pull back depending on the day.

They offer classes that are body-neutral and tailored to one’s fitness level, with alternative options provided at all times. They constantly roll out two 25-minute routines every 14 days to keep subscribers motivated. The programs are meant to be done repetitively throughout the course of two weeks, but be.come emphasizes the importance of letting its users decide what’s best for their bodies. Oh, and did we mention that they are pregnancy-friendly?

Read more information about their program on their website

Ballet Beautiful

Workout classes from Ballet Beautiful are perfect for people who love to dance but don’t have the time or the attention span! Here, programs are broken down into videos as short as four minutes! That’s definitely doable for a lot of busy people.

Users love Ballet Beautiful for their concise yet effective exercises. From four-minute ab workouts to 16-minute lunge routines, their customers find it easy to stay focused and committed! Their videos cater to beginners, intermediate, and advanced students, so there’s room for everyone who wants to incorporate ballet into their daily routines.

Their programs are priced at $4 per video or $40 per month after a $16 one-month trial period. Get more information about them here.

That’s it for our list of the best online fitness classes you can take! We hope you’re a little more excited to exercise with all these options to choose from. We believe in you and your goals this year so get up, be excited, and start your workout today!

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