Top Cities to Buy a Home in the Country

Looking for a new place to call home? Finding the perfect city can be a bit challenging! In this post, we’re sharing some information on the top places to buy a home here in the US.  We’ve included items such as median home prices, population, and median household income, as well as what the locals love about their cities. Excited to find the perfect area for you? Let’s hop right in!

#1 Overland Park, Kansas

Median Home Value: $276,100
Population: 191,011
Rented vs Owned: 37% vs 63%
Median Income: $86,487

Overland Park is a picturesque and peaceful city just outside of Kansas City. There are plenty of good eats, community centers, wooded trails, world-class performing arts, and top-notch sports academies. The area also has many amazing schools. It is a city for all ages because there’s truly so much to do here. You will feel the typical “Midwestern” sense of values, hospitality, and courtesy when you step foot in the area. If you happen to love barbecue, you’re in luck because this place is one of the BBQ capitals of the nation.

#2 Rochester, Minnesota

Median Home Value: $200,100
Population: 115,557
Rented vs Owned: 32% vs 68%
Median Income: $73,106

Looking for a big city feel but still want to get to know people in your community? Rochester is the place for you! It’s easy to get around because public transportation here is amazing. Another option is to bike almost anywhere using their paved trail system. You can visit the welcoming parks, kid and adult-friendly downtown, amazing library, and the overall beautiful city. There are plenty of jobs available and people are always eager to help.

#3 The Woodlands, Texas

Median Home Value: $374,200
Population: 113,819
Rented vs Owned: 29% vs 71%
Median Income: $122,634

If you want to live in a city full of green trees and fresh air, go to The Woodlands. Just outside of Houston, it offers tons of activities like walking, biking, ice skating, mini-golf, tennis, and concerts. The art scene here is worth mentioning as there are many sculpture classes, supply stores, and art clubs where you can enhance your creativity. There are also plenty of amazing restaurants and shopping centers. Overall it is a safe place to live with little to no disturbances.

#4 Plano, Texas

Median Home Value: $320,100
Population: 287,064
Rented vs Owned: 41% vs 59%
Median Income: $95,602

People love Plano because it is in the center of everything. Commutes aren’t long because there are plenty of stores and restaurants around town. It’s also close to Dallas which adds a pretty good selection of businesses, sporting events, and other activities. Plano is among the safest cities in the country so there’s nothing to worry about. The people here are known for being welcoming to those who are new so you won’t have any problem moving to this place.

#5 Naperville, Illinois

Median Home Value: $416,700
Population: 147,501
Rented vs Owned: 24% vs 76%
Median Income: $125,926

Walkable, bike-friendly, amazing parks, and people who are engaged in the community—that’s Naperville. It also happens to be extremely safe with a low crime rate. If you want easy access to shops, many businesses here are right around the corner so you won’t have trouble finding everything you need. There are many fun activities to do, and the downtown is filled with amazing bars and restaurants for you to explore. The city is also close to Chicago.

#6 Richardson, Texas

Median Home Value: $274,200
Population: 116,432
Rented vs Owned: 41% vs 59%
Median Income: $85,678

Richardson is yet another city in Texas. It has a slower pace compared to its neighboring cities but thanks to the highways that run through the area, you can be anywhere in just minutes. Plus, traffic here is pretty light. Nights out, amusement parks, concerts, and outdoor activities are just an easy drive away. The schools here tend to be competitive and they consistently rank higher than nearby school districts. If you want to visit Dallas, it’s just 20 minutes away.

#7 Palm Bay, Florida

Median Home Value: $155,200
Population: 111,997
Rented vs Owned: 25% vs 75%
Median Income: $51,408

If you want to live in a tight-knit community, choose Palm Bay. The city strives to improve the quality of life in the area that’s why grocery stores, gas stations, and other businesses have been revamped to better serve its residents. Buildings and homes are also being constructed to attract more people to move here. It helps that the people here are welcoming so adjusting to your new environment would be a breeze. The roads in the city are well-kept plus the beach is just a 30-minute drive.

#8 Round Rock, Texas

Median Home Value: $244,300
Population: 124,434
Rented vs Owned: 40% vs 60%
Median Income: $82,676

Another community-driven city is Round Rock. Everywhere you go, people tend to be friendly and giving. Residents are also willing to help others all the time. It is a safe and quiet place so you can sleep at night peacefully. The downtown area offers lots of amazing businesses for you to enjoy. Jobs are also accessible as there are many openings all the time. Round Rock has everything you need within reach.

#9 Huntsville, Alabama

Median Home Value: $182,900
Population: 196,219
Rented vs Owned: 43% vs 57%
Median Income: $55,305

If you want to be surrounded by exciting innovation, top-rated academics, creativity, beautiful landscapes, and a touch of history, move to Huntsville. It is a welcoming town with lots of amazing things to offer. Real estate is pretty affordable, too, so it’s perfect if you want low-cost housing on acres of land. The area has farm-fresh foods all year round. Overall, the city is big enough to have something to do yet small enough to always be greeted with a warm “hello!”

#10 Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Median Home Value: $189,800
Population: 177,117
Rented vs Owned: 39% vs 61%
Median Income: $59,912

Sioux Falls is a small town that’s constantly growing and thriving. There is a good variety of restaurants in the area where you can sample cuisines from around the world. They also offer tons of entertainment options like gaming, public pools, and annual fairs. Nature parks are also there for you to enjoy. The area also offers plenty of jobs and getting around is pretty easy due to light traffic.

That’s it for our list of the best cities to buy a property here in the US. We hope that you find the perfect one for you soon!

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