6 Reasons To Cut Your Own Holiday Tree

In the midst of modern holiday traditions and the allure of artificial holiday trees, the act of cutting your own tree is a timeless, beloved family activity that entices us to create enduring memories and reconnect with nature. As we begin the holiday season with festive decorations adorning our homes, the choice between a pre-packaged artificial tree and the adventure of selecting and cutting your own becomes a pivotal decision.

In this blog, we’ll look into the reasons why embracing this age-old tradition can elevate your holiday experience. And don’t worry if you’re a first-timer—I’ve got tips to make your tree-cutting experience a breeze.

Why You Should Cut Your Own Holiday Tree

A Feast for the Senses

Finding your ideal holiday tree is a sensory banquet like no other. Imagine strolling through snow-covered landscapes with air punctuated by the scent of pines. 

The crunch of snow beneath your boots, the touch of cool wind on your face, and the anticipation of discovering that one perfect tree. And once the tree graces your home, its fragrance becomes a living reminder of that magical day, lingering throughout the holiday season and infusing your space with an authentic, earthy aroma.

Customize Your Holiday Experience 

An artificial tree, while convenient, lacks the personal touch that comes with selecting and cutting your own holiday tree. The adventure of exploring a U-cut tree farm allows you to choose a tree that perfectly aligns with your unique vision for the holiday season.

Whether you fancy a stately and tall spruce or a charmingly irregular fir, the freedom to handpick your tree adds a layer of authenticity to your festive decor. No two trees are alike, and the individuality of your chosen tree becomes a reflection of your family’s holiday style, making the experience truly meaningful and personal.

A Wholesome Family Tradition

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, where schedules are filled with party invitations and shopping lists, cutting your own holiday tree provides a sanctuary of togetherness and simplicity. The crisp winter weather, the scent of pine in the air, and the laughter of family members echo through the evergreen forest as you look for your perfect tree. This tradition is not just about acquiring holiday decor but also creating an experience that binds family members together, forming the foundation for cherished memories that will be recounted with smiles for years to come.

Environmental Benefits

Concerns about the environmental impact often lead people to opt for artificial trees, believing they are a more eco-friendly choice. However, the reality is that cutting your own tree can be an environmentally conscious and sustainable decision. Tree farms operate under principles of sustainability, planting more trees than they harvest and contributing to the preservation of natural landscapes.

Additionally, real trees are biodegradable, meaning they can provide a renewable resource that can be recycled into mulch or compost after the holiday season. By choosing a locally grown tree over an artificial one, you actively participate in environmentally friendly practices and contribute to the health of our planet.

Support Local Businesses

Beyond the personal joy it brings, cutting your own holiday tree is an opportunity to support local businesses, particularly the charming family-owned choose-and-cut tree farms near your area. These farms work diligently throughout the year, cultivating and nurturing their trees to provide an eco-friendly and sustainable source of holiday joy.

By choosing to cut your own tree, you contribute to the local economy and help maintain the livelihoods of these dedicated farmers. It’s more than a transaction; it’s a conscious decision to invest in the charm and character of your community which ensures that these picturesque tree farms remain a staple of the holiday season for generations to come. 

Teaching Valuable Lessons

The world is now saturated with screens and instant gratification and the act of cutting your own tree becomes a valuable lesson in nature appreciation and sustainability. As families venture outdoors, children learn about the origin of their holiday tradition, the importance of supporting local businesses, and the joy that comes from creating memories rather than merely acquiring possessions.

This tradition serves as a living classroom that instills values of environmental stewardship and connection to nature that go beyond the holiday season. By engaging in this custom, you not only create memories for your families but also lay the groundwork for traditions that will be passed down through the generations.

Tips for Cutting Your Own Tree

Before you embark on your tree-chopping journey, here are some things to keep in mind.

#1 Measure Twice

To ensure that your chosen tree fits snugly in your space, measure the height and width of both your living space (where your tree will be placed) and your vehicle before you go.

#2 Timing is Key

Don’t rush into the holiday spirit too early. The optimal tree-cutting time is between late November and mid-December. A well-watered cut tree typically retains its needles for 3-4 weeks. Try to wait for a few hard frosts to happen first as this sends evergreen species into a state of dormancy so they’re hardened and ready for winter.

#3 Dress the Part

Equip yourself with sturdy boots and heavy-duty work gloves. Moreover, wet wipes are a handy tool for swiftly removing sap from your hands.

#4 Scout the Grounds

Before committing to a tree take a stroll throughout the grounds. Familiarize yourself with the available options and consider the size, shape, and species. Before you cut your chosen tree, inspect it from all angles to ensure that it’s definitely the one.

#5 Low and Quick

When cutting, aim low to allow the tree to regrow for future holidays. Cut swiftly and avoid pushing the tree as it may cause bark damage. It’s best to have an assistant to support the tree as you cut it.

#6 Shake It

Your chosen tree may well have become home to birds, spiders, and bugs during the year, so once it’s cut, shake it. A vigorous shake can dislodge loose needles and evict any unwelcome bugs. Some farms offer tree-shaking services for free.

#7 Handle with Care

Be careful not to bend the thin part of the top or break the branches of the tree. If you’re putting the tree on top of your car, bring tie-downs or ropes. However, bring a large tarp or blanket to keep any pine needles from shedding all over if you plan to put it in the vehicle.

#8 Keep It Fresh

When you get your tree home, trim an inch off the trunk to allow it to soak up nutrients and water faster. Place the tree in the water as soon as possible. The water temperature is not important but ensure that it’s not too hot or too cold as this can shock the tree.

While some favor the convenience of artificial trees, the advantages of cutting your tree extend far beyond mere tradition. In this world of rushing towards shortcuts, this practice stands as a beacon of connection and authenticity.

So go ahead, take a break from the hustle, and brave the outdoors. I hope you and your family have fun, make amazing memories, and enjoy the holidays.

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