5 Instagram Design Accounts for Endless Inspiration

Instagram has become a hub for talented and creative individuals who offer their unique and fresh concepts when it comes to revamping living spaces. The app opens a world where design flourishes in unexpected corners. While nationally-acclaimed interior designers certainly contributed their artistic touch, the realm of inspiration extends far beyond.

This platform bursts with creativity from renowned designers and design studios in the United States, presenting a variety of styles incorporating timeless decors and the latest trends. I’ve curated 5 Instagram design accounts to ignite your passion and awaken your artistic senses. So, without further ado, let’s dive into who made the list!

#1 Brian Paquette | @brian.paquette_

Brian Paquette, a Seattle-based interior designer, is an advocate of interiors that are refined yet approachable. He values storytelling and authenticity so his designs evoke emotion, creating spaces that feel truly lived-in.

One of his standout IG posts captures a dreamy living room that stunningly embodies Brian’s design philosophy. The space is a harmonious blend of natural textures, carefully curated decor, and neutral tones. It radiates an effortless elegance and calmness, encouraging us to explore the power of well-chosen details and the beauty of simplicity.

Apart from the amazing layering, this bedroom’s textures and vibe shift your senses to a cozy and quiet place. The patterned grasscloth walls add depth and timeless style while the cashmere bouclé daybed is pure comfort. This room reflects Brian’s ability to design a serene retreat that not only makes you feel at ease but is also visually appealing.

Designing with emotion and purpose, Brian Paquette’s interiors are a testament to the notion that a well-designed space goes beyond aesthetics. Regardless of budget and style, you’ll surely find inspiration in his designs that prioritize function and comfort.

#2 Jean Stoffer | @jeanstofferdesign

Renowned for her timeless and unique kitchen designs, Jean Stoffer, a Michigan-based designer, now specializes in modern classic interiors. Her Instagram page showcases her talent for combining modern sensibilities with classic elements.

This year is all about continuous, beautiful curves and I adore how this arched door framed the stunning view of this bathroom. The design choice brings a touch of modernity to the historic home. The checkered marble floor, dark tile wall, and wooden vanities tied this whole flawless, sophisticated atmosphere together.

Her design finesse extends to spaces that are both moody and playful. This dining room and butler’s pantry evoke an intimate ambiance through its saturated, rich colors and textures. Yet, it seamlessly integrates modern fixtures and furniture that inject a playful undertone.

Her skillful choices of palette always complement and enhance the classic architectural features of the property. Jean’s designs inspire us to reimagine classic aesthetics and infuse them with fresh perspectives to create spaces that are both exciting and enduring.

#3 Alejandro Alonso | @mralextate

Alejandro Alonso, the visionary behind the Miami-based interior design studio Mr. Alex Tate, fearlessly creates lasting and unique spaces. His IG page offers a captivating exploration of eclectic interiors that resonates with a global perspective, a fusion of functional aesthetics, bold personalities, and cultural influences.

I absolutely love the drama of the walls in this unapologetically sensible room. Besides being a conversation starter, it’s beautifully anchored with simple furnishing. The space is full of legacy and statement pieces, each telling an enticing and powerful story.

This design-forward bedroom gives off a casually sophisticated vibe. The approach was rooted in a playful design that embraced texture, color, and pattern. It also heavily relied on curated vintage finds and iconic pieces that delighted the senses. 

Alejandro invites us to reimagine the boundaries of designs by embodying the power of dramatic flair and diversity of cultural influences. His designs remind us that interiors can be a reflection of our multifaceted personalities and we should not just be bound by the 3 M’s—Minimalist, Monochromatic, and Modern.

#4 M. Elle Design | @m.elle.design

M. Elle Design is an interior design firm based in Pacific Palisades. Their posts show a masterful blend of personalized touches and modern aesthetics. The designs mirror their commitment to creating spaces that feel both comfortable and contemporary, with a focus on elevating everyday living.

One of their Instagram posts captured a gorgeous dining room, where the client wanted something with a little bit of glam and more comfortable. From the huge art to the unique chandelier and bespoke chairs, everything in this room is phenomenal.  Art and vintage pieces are the most vital elements in their design since they add lots of character to any space.

We often see marble countertops and traditional oak cabinets but this space proves that different is also beautiful. The cantilevered steel bar and slim steel shelves add an industrial, modern vibe to the space. It looks sophisticated, warm, and just subtly stunning.

As we explore their posts, we’re reminded that design is a delicate balance of elegance and comfort, functionality and uniqueness. 

#5 DABITO | @dabito

Dabito is an author, artist, vintage hunter, décor guru, designer, and lover of all things design. He’s known for his seamless mix of vintage and modern pieces, creative use of color, approachable design, and DIYs.

This showstopper living room is adorned with a trendy checkerboard rug and a daring green sofa. The white walls balance the splashy design risks of pattern-on-pattern, mismatched pillows, making the bold design look effortless.

Why go straight when you can go curvy? The arched glass shower door of this guest bathroom paired with tile is just jaw-dropping. The colors and execution are exquisite and I love how the shower door mimics the arched mirror.

Dabito shares a kaleidoscope of design innovation and creativity on his Instagram account, offering interiors that are dynamic, vibrant, and full of personality.

I hope you find inspiration in these brilliant design accounts on Instagram! Feel free to share your account recommendations – I’m always eager to explore and share the latest design gems with our community. Don’t forget to check out their stories for more design inspirations and recommendations.

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