13 Unique Personalized Gift Ideas

Giving gifts is not only a way to show affection to others, but it can also help you lay the foundation to forge new relationships. That said, buying gifts locally is a great way to show your commitment to loved ones and your community. With so many options on the market, finding the perfect gift can be overwhelming but an enjoyable venture nonetheless. Whether it is for family, friends, or co-workers, our list can help you find the perfect gift. 

#1 Custom Hometown Map Puzzle

We all hold that special place in our hearts for our hometowns. This is especially true if you no longer live there but still cherish the memories of that city or town. A hometown puzzle is a great way to keep that place close. Each puzzle is hand-finished and made to order. Choose a location on the town’s map which becomes the center of the puzzle and features a house-shaped puzzle piece. Maps are made of wood or millboard and are designed using US Geological Survey mapping. There’s so much detail on the roads and contour lines that it will be a reminder of that place you call home no matter where in the world you are.

[Butler and Hill]

#2 Artful Repair

We all have things in our house that need a minor repair or fixing such as a fraying laptop, a broken phone charger, or a cracked ceramic plate. This is especially true if you have children in your house, so why not give someone a gift that can become their go-to DIY repair kit? Whether you are repairing, bonding, sealing, or reinforcing, Sugru multi-purpose glue can be a great fit for any repair kit. The glue is waterproof, heat and cold-resistant, and offers electrical insulation up to 24v, making it a perfect solution for fixing minor damages to appliances, kitchenware, toys, wood ornaments, and more. 

[Sugru Multi-purpose Glue]

#3 3D Stadium Coaster Set

We all have that sports fan in our lives who eats, drinks, and breathes their favorite sports team. Instead of a jersey or a hat, consider a 3D stadium coaster set. Each layered coaster features a birds-eye view of the stadium where their favorite team plays. All U.S. football, baseball, basketball, and hockey stadiums are available. College teams, too. These coasters feature hand-drawn original artwork depicting field lines and seating. They’re great to look at but they’re fully functional too with a non-slip backing that prevents them from slipping if your scoring celebration gets out of hand.


#4 Personalized Children’s Bedtime Book

Children love being read bedtime stories but that moment is made even more special with a personalized book. It’s special for both parent and child. Get a customized book title as well as the child’s name appearing throughout the story and in the illustrations too. A variety of animals, including sheep, dogs, and owls will wish your little one a good night every night. These books help create life-long memories.

[Uncommon Goods]

#5 Custom-Made Diary/Notebook

When it comes to notebooks, there are many options out there, but not many are custom-made and tailored to your liking. Made from British Corduroy, these custom senior cord notebooks can be a great way to make someone feel loved this holiday season. With hand-drawn notes on the back and front side, this personalized diary exudes an unmatched sense of adventure and elegance. It can be a perfect gift for someone who loves penning down their thoughts everyday or gifted to a loved one as a souvenir. 

[Custom Senior Cord Notebook]

#6 Wine or Coffee Subscription

If you know a wine aficionado who would love the gift of the grape this year, consider giving them a personalized gift subscription. This way they can try a variety of different blends or stick to their favorites delivered directly to their door. Don’t know a wine lover? How about a dedicated coffee consumer? Consider a gourmet coffee subscription based on different coffee profiles. Either way, that special person in your life will be grateful for the extra thought you put into their gift this year.

[Winc Wine Subscription]
[Driftway Coffee Subscription]

#7 A Gift of Health

Sometimes, it’s the thought that counts, so if you are ready to make someone feel truly special this holiday season, give them the gift of health. Weighted wrist bangles can be a great supplement to your cardio sessions, morning walks, or downward jogging. They can be worn either around the wrists or wrapped around the ankles for workouts on the go. Oh, and they are travel friendly, so you can carry them wherever you decide to work out.  

[Weighted Wrist Bangles]

#8 Monogram Pint Glass

A set of monogram pint glasses makes for a unique holiday gift that can be used and enjoyed all year. These beautifully etched glasses are made by hand-cutting glass using a rotating stone wheel by a company that has been in business for over a century. Choose your loved one’s initials and create a memento that will last for years to come.

[Susquehanna Glass Company]

#9 Fish Corkscrew

For a holiday gift that is both quirky and unique, why not a custom-engraved fish corkscrew? It would make a perfect supplement to a wine gift subscription. Made from stainless steel and white oak, this corkscrew is as durable as it is useful when it’s time to open a celebratory bottle of wine. The custom engraving is hand-etched and resembles a fish. It features a double-hinged cork pull and a foil cutter. Create a holiday message or something to commemorate an anniversary, birthday, or graduation.

[Sterling Brooke]

#10 Personalized Family Member Signpost

Our family members may live in different states, or even different countries and continents, but we can still appreciate them with a personalized family member signpost. This unique gift can be given to everyone in the family as a way to remember just where in the world everyone is. The family name goes on the top and underneath you can add the names of up to five family members and the distance they are from home. Give one to everyone in the family so they can place one of these classic signposts in their yard or garden and enjoy them year-round.

[Uncommon Goods]

#11 DIY Incense Kit

What better way is there to liven up your home’s environment than incense sticks? This DIY incense kit contains incense powder, mold (for blending), and gloves. Made from Japanese aromatic oils, this eclectic collection of citrusy powders can be blended together in different proportions to create an overwhelming aroma. If you are looking for an affordable gift that keeps on giving, this DIY-incense kit is one of your best bets. 

[DIY Incense Kit]

#12 Weighted Blankets

If you have ever used a weighted blanket then you are no stranger to a good night’s sleep. Like a comforting hug, this blanket can soothe your nervous system and recreate the effects of deep-pressure touch. It weighs twenty pounds and is made from ultra-soft and breathable cotton – meaning you can use it year-round – to help you achieve that good night’s sleep. Thanks to double-quilting, the glass beads stay evenly distributed across the entire blanket making it an ideal match for back and stomach sleepers. 

[Weighted Blankets]

#13 Personalized Knife Set

Have a family member or significant other who is into cooking? A personalized knife set is a great way to expand your arsenal of tools in the kitchen so you can get the most out of your cooking skills. You can select the type of engraving, text, and logo to build a set of knives that truly exude your personality and style. Messermeister is offering a 20% discount on personalized knife sets for the holiday season, so hurry if you don’t want to miss out on a great deal!

[Personalized Knife Set]

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